The British Bee Removers Association is a Community Interest Company.


The objective of the British Bee Removers Association is to carry out activities that benefit the community. In particular, but not limitated to:

  1. Setting safe and ethical standards of live bee removal from buildings.
  2. The setting up and management of a membership base who pledge to stick to these safe and ethical standards.
  3. Offering a ‘safe standards’ membership base to the public and business sector for safe and ethical live bee removal from buildings.
  4. Encouraging the bee removal community to become members in order to reduce health and safety risks to bee removers and the public.
  5. Offering and promotion of courses to assist in qualifying members for safe live bee removal.
  6. Educating the pest control industry and beekeeping communities on safe practices.
  7. Operating as a non-profit, financially self-sustaining social enterprise with business and commercial activities for the good of its members, the bee removal industry, conservation and mankind.

Membership requirements

  • You must be/have a full member of one or more of the following:


  • Insurance

    Professional Liability

  • Completed an Asbestos Awareness course

  • Bee Base membership (if you keep apiaries)